Reach your fitness goals with functional and varied CrossFit training in brisbane

Our Beliefs

At City4051 CrossFit, we pride ourselves on being at the top of our game, offering high quality coaching and programming.

Our passion is helping every single member achieve their fitness goals, in a fun and safe environment. Our coaches work tirelessly to plan every element of your training session, and take care of your every need from the moment you enter the gym.

Professional | Inclusive | Effective | Community


We pride ourselves on having professional, caring and dedicated coaches and managers to ensure that you are recieving the absolute best coaching and support that a member requires. We set out to not only train members but to also educate and nurture.


Every member is treated as equal. From the first day beginner to the seasoned athlete. All members are supported and treated with respect from coaches and managers. Every workout is tailored to the individual and not the group. We have scaling options for all workouts and movements to ensure that each member is working safely, and to their potential.


Our highly experienced coaches develop safe, effective, sustainable and enjoyable programming to help you reach your fitness goals. We offer multiple programming options to cater for each individuals unique goals. Our world class coaching team ensure City4051 CrossFit’s program is second to none.


Our supportive and welcoming community is one of the reason’s why City4051 CrossFit is such a fantastic place to train.  At City4051 CrossFit, we pride ourselves on having a community where all coaches and members support each other in every aspect of training.