CrossFit Workout

  • AMRAP in 15mins

    AMRAP in 15mins
    20 Wall Balls 20lbs/14lbs
    14 Single DB box step ups 22.5kg/15kg
    50 Double Unders

  • Workout Intent:

    Working on leg and shoulder endurance. The step ups are similar to the open standard, you can hold the DB however you like. Push yourself on the Wall Balls, aim for big sets.

  • Finisher:

    Tabata Glute Bridge
    *Hold the top of a glute bridge when resting*

  • Scaling

    Wall Balls: Reduce Reps/Reduce weight/reduce height
    DB box step ups: Reduce Weight/Reduce reps/Unweighted
    Double Unders: Reduce Reps/Attempts + Singles/Singles

  • Warm Up

    Tabata Glute Bridge
    *Hold the top of a glute bridge when restingCalf Stretch x20sec
    Calf pumps x40
    Single Leg Glute bridge x10
    Air Squat x10
    Squat Hold x20sec
    Step Ups x10
    Med Ball Front Squat x10
    Double/Single Unders x20
    Wall Ball x5
    5 minutes to warm up on equipment

GPP Workout

  • Tempo Front Squat

    *3 second pause at the bottom*

  • Accessories

    Glute Ham Raises

  • Skill Piece

    Ring Support Hold x3 10-15 seconds
    *can add weight if needed*

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