2020-05-10 Tutorial - City

Tutorial - City 4051 CrossFit
Tutorial as executed by City 4051 CrossFit trainers James WhyBird and Natan Geva. Filmed on location at City 4051 CrossFit Brisbane Australia.

Although we take a light-hearted approach to our introductions, all the movements in these tutorials are serious and of the best advice that our experienced coaches can provide. All movements must be preformed with strict form and caution to prevent injury. At no time should you ever attempt a movement at a weight you are not capable of or comfortable with. Consult your training professional for advice with all movements if you are unsure. These tutorials are for visual reference only and all content from the videos are the concepts and thoughts of City 4051 CrossFit coaches only and may vary from other coaching teams. Once again perform these movements at your own risk. And most importantly like we do.... HAVE FUN!

Every 3mins for 5 Rounds Complete:
10 Strict HSPU
50 Double Unders
Max Reps Clapping Push-Ups

*Rest 90sec Between Each Round

Lateral Raises
3 x 10-15 Reps

*Use a DB/KB/Light Plate
*Can sub in Upright Row if DB/KB Weight is unsuitable

Barbell Option:
5 x 2min AMRAP of:
5 Power Cleans 70kg (47.5kg)
10 Lateral Hop Over Bar

*Rest 90 Sec Between Rounds
*Start each round where you finished the last one.

Non Barbell Option:
5 x 3min AMRAP of:
20 KB Swing 24kg/16kg
20 Lateral Hop Over KB

*Rest 90sec Between AMRAP’s
*Start each AMRAP where you finished the last one.

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