2021-08-10 Handstand Walk Drill

Handstand Walk Drill For Beginners ("Around the world")
Handstand walk for beginners. Where do you even begin with trying to get hand stand walks? Try this drill out! For more FREE COACHING go to http://wodprep.com/freecoaching
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7 Rounds For Time:
5m Handstand Walk
10m Single Arm DB Walking Lunge 20kg/12.5kg
16 DB Shoulder to Overhead 20kg/12.5kg (8/side)

Every 2minutes For 6 Rounds Complete:

Experienced: 5m Handstand Walk, Pirouette, 5m Handstand Walk

Intermediate: 3 Attempts for Max Distance Handstand Walk

Beginner: 1 x Around the World Drill on Box

1 Minute on 1 Minute Off For 20 Minutes Complete:
Max Calories on the Echo Bike

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